mandag 26. april 2010

3,2,1 Why counting down matters

Have you ever taken part in the wonderful "Get the fifth free" scheme? Off course you have. Or in my case, diapers. Every forth purchase is "free". Off course it´s not free, but that is beyond the (present) point.

Which is: I´m wondering why so few marketeers don´t "get" the simple fact that it´s so much harder to get satisfaction from counting up than counting down.

Here is an example. Your regular java supplier (mine being Stockfleths if you should wonder) has a bonus card with the tenth coffee for free. You´re at 7. You have bought seven mugs and still have a long way to 10. If the same scheme were a countdown the same coupon would tell you that you´re 3 from free. Clearly a much smaller and in this case attractive number.

This is simple, very simple, behavioral economics. There is no excuse for not indulge in this very interesting topic. I have mentioned Dan Ariely before, and will do so again. His book Predictably Irrational is a must read.

In the meantime. Stop making count ups and start making countdowns. 3, 2, 1. Free coffee coming my way.

3,2,1 countdown

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